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Another Eastbourne South downs big cat sighting

Posted on July 8, 2013 at 3:00 PM
Yet another sighting in from the South downs in the Eastbourne area of a brown big cat, this is the third report with matching descriptions. This time the witness mentioned mottled small spots under the fur similar to leopards but more spread out. The overall brown colour of the fur had an almost gingery hue to it as the sun caught the fur. The face was said to of been more angular than a mountain lion and not as stocky or muscular, the tail was long. Height said to be just shy of 2ft at the shoulder.The witness, an American lady out walking on the downs, had a good knowledge of mountain lions or pumas and said this large cat was unlike one of those something repeatedly said over the years by witnesses. Something is strange here as this is the third sighting in 6 weeks from this area and all in daylight and not at dusk. It can be unusual to get 3 sightings of most likely the same animal in such a short period of time in the same area. Also, as I have posted before, it would appear that these brown cats bear little resemblance to mountain lions and have even been seen together with the black big cats something that a puma and a black leopard would be very unlikely to do. The brown colouration is unknown in leopards and so it would be reasonable to assume with some evidence and a certain degree of accuracy that both the black and brown cats are one and the same species. Exactly what species/sub-species remains to be confirmed...

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