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Big cat seen up tree after birds

Posted on June 20, 2012 at 5:55 PM

A big cat was seen in forestry near Chichester which could of been hunting birds up trees.Last night,well into dusk and a witness out looking for glow worms heard all manner of birds making an almighty racket just inside a forestry block.Investigating the cause the witness was taken aback by seeing about 50 yards away a big cat around 20" tall half way up a,possibly birch,tree.The local bird population were screaming like mad in warning more so,the witness said ,than if they were warning about a fox.The big cat which was dark,possibly black but not jet,panther black then backed down the tree trunk gingerly and on reaching the ground looked up at the witness and let out a very deep,loud roaring meow more deeper and louder than a domestic cat but not leopard-like,in fact not like any other cat he had heard.It had smallish ears pressed against the head,shortish thick fur and the legs were described as being the same height as the body which was stocky but when seen from behind quite sleek.It then ran off further into the wood when the long tail could be seen flicking about as it run.The witness believes it could of been hunting the roosting birds which,giving the circumstances,is very likely.Early this year, if it is the Midhurst big cat,then it was also observed with a pigeon in it,s mouth and also the year before when i found various pigeon carcases that could not of been attributed to the usual fox predation and could well of been big cat kills.This same year the Midhurst cat was seen up a tree(see the video page) and claw marks in the bark could clearly be seen,it is hoped that this tree this time round can also be investigated for marks.Sightings of big,mostly black cats in this area of remote woodland between Chichester and Midhurst go back to at least Edwardian times i believe if i have quoted the book "The bolter" correctly and forms the central part of the Midhurst big cats range though the greater bulk of sightings quite obviously come from areas closer to habitation where there are more eyes to spot it.My grateful thanks go the the witness for the in depth descripton of events,most valuable......

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