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Big cats on BBC

Posted on June 17, 2011 at 10:37 AM

Big cats are in the media spotlight again (are they ever out of it?)in episode 15 of Real rescues series 7 30 minutes into the programme here is the link for BBC Iplayer (, a wildlife crime officer for Thames valley police presents a classic 10cm wide paw print gleaned from under a tree that 2 deer stalkers were up,presumably in a high seat in a Surrey woodland somewhere and found the prints when they came down.They saw neither hair nor hide of the big cat.SOCO police officers found a 300yard stretch of prints.It is" absolutely certain" they(big cats)exist ,he said.The paw prints have been verified by a home office expert,presumably from the Natural History Musuem,as being "of puma size" and the animal would had to of been "like a puma".This infers that they had some doubt on the actual identity/species of the cat in question and by looking at the plaster cast there is a somewhat greater in size negative space between the rear pad and toes than what there would if an actual puma had left the print.My theories and opinions on the paw print differences will be covered in an article i,m currently doing for

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