big cat research in Sussex


Big cat filmed crossing road nr Battle

Posted on December 12, 2016 at 12:50 PM

A big cat was seen crossing a road in the Battle area East Sussex on the 30th november. Dash cam footage by the witness showed a very large black shape moving fast and although blurred due to the speed it moved it's difficult to account for the animal being anything else. Said to be larger than the labrador sized cat often reported the sighting concurs with the size of animal usually reported from this area. I investigated the area shortly after the sighting however the ground was quite dry and not helpful in finding any paw prints, deer slots were seen but cats leave a much lighter impression and need a much softer mud to give a more visible print. The area is interlaced with deer trails and it was supposed that the cat was using these trails to move about. The witness, who has a lifetime of experience with animals and the area, described seeing a large and very dark cat taking up almost the width of the lane including tail when crossing, that is some size indeed and matches previous reports from other witnesses. The animal had the appearance of a black leopard and ran smoothly quite unlike a dog or deer and was much shorter legged than a deer. Although the sighting was very short the visibility was excellent and close range at 20 metres. Investigations continue.

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