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Summer sightings

Posted on October 1, 2016 at 5:25 AM

Most of the summer big cat activity has been spread over the middle of Sussex stretching from Lewes and Ashdown forest, Mid Sussex, Petworth and Petersfield. There have been the odd sighting elsewhere but in these places clusters of sightings have shown a high degree of activity which interestingly have no time overlaps. All bar 4 have been of a medium sized cat( typical size comparisons from witnesses were labrador,large spaniel) although it would be presumptive to think it was one big cat responsible it is very doubtful it could be 4 different animals. If we take the low incidence of big cat reports coming in over the last 3 years meaning that there is a corresponding drop in the local big cat population then it should be easier to track a single cats movements. If this were true and we only have 2 or 3 cats at best in the county then 1 cat started off the year on the Hampshire borders moving steadily east to spend the spring in Mid Sussex then june, july and august in the  Ashdown forest area near where also a seemingly smaller,snipier looking cat was also seen especially around Lewes. If we had 4 seperate cats on the go then they were only being active and being seen in these 4 general areas briefly to then dissapear completely off the radar which must be very doubtful. Of course, however many cats there are, just because sightings are not coming in from certain areas only means people are not seeing/reporting them. Clusters of sightings are of more value because it naturally reduces the chances of human error in witness reports providing local big cat ( beast of somewhere ) hysteria hasn't developed.

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