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Uckfield puma sighting

Posted on August 27, 2013 at 7:10 PM
18th august at 7:30 and a lady walking her dog along a country lane to the west of Uckfield saw an extremely large cat best described as a mountain lion or puma around 50 yards in front just in the field. It was of a tan colour with a long tail curled up at the end tapered off and walked in a slow, relaxed way pausing to stretch. It was described as looking very muscular and healthy looking and at ease with it`s surroundings. Coming from the direction of a nearby wood and hadn`t seen either the witness or her dog who hastily retraced their steps. Estimated weight of twice the witnesses dog at 80 kilos plus. Could this be the Eastbourne big cat? (locally called the Eastbourne puma) Which was sighted the day previously off the A27 at Folkington (report gratefully received from British Big Cat Research) at 7:20am and possibly also at Polegate on the 14th.(thanks to Neil Arnold of Kent Big Cat Research for this report) The territory range seems to fit in and the 12 miles or so distance would be easily covered. Big brown cat sightings account for less than than 20% of records year on year and as such are more easily traceable than their black `cousins` even so we shouldn`t necessarily assume it is the same cat without taking in account other facts drawn in from witnesses. These are: In all sightings the cat was observed with the same gait and walking habits-a slow ambling walk. The colour has been reported to of been a rich tan with broadly similar descriptions of the way it was moving across country. Lewes downs/Ashdown forest area have historically produced more sightings to me than other areas of Sussex. What is needed now are more sightings in of this puma-like large cat or at least one fitting the same description. Also more time given over to tracking efforts in order to gather possible evidence in the form of fur samples or the hard to find at this time of year paw prints...

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