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Has the Eastbourne big cat moved on?

Posted on August 5, 2013 at 5:15 PM
Little has been heard of the big cat of a brown colour seen on the South downs recently, commonly called the Eastbourne big cat, since the 17th july when a witness out walking on the downs behind Seaford reported to this website a sighting of a very large cat, tan or reddy brown in colour, pointed ears, long tail...we all know the description by now...has to be the same cat. Once again this mystery cat was seen in the mid-morning time, at a distance and the witness reporting seeing a slow moving, sometimes stopping animal that was at first unsure what had been seen until it was seen in near full view and it`s cat-like features clearly made out... No other sightings in from witnesses which is surprising as this time last year the old favourite the Ashdown forest big cat was regularly being seen up and down the forest. This doesn`t mean of course that this very large black cat is still not in the Ashdown forest area, it only means that it is not being seen or, probably more accurate, not being reported to me through this website. It could be said that when a big cat is being sighted fairly regularly at daylight hours that one of the reasons could be the hunting is poor and the cat is forced to go after it`s prey in less desirable hours rather than nocturnally which is it`s favoured working hours. This might explain why the Eastbourne big cat was being seen in broad daylight during the last june and july but doesn`t explain why it didn`t move on which would be more logical if the food had been running low...

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