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Brown big cat at St.Leonards Forest

Posted on April 19, 2013 at 12:35 PM

A very large brown big cat,the size of a big dog,was seen recently (30.3.2013) in St.Leonards Forest near Horsham,West Sussex.A local man was walking his Jack Russell which was running about in and out of view as they do when he caught sight of a clump of deer staring ahead of them through the trees.Looking ahead of them the witness caught sight of a very large sandy brown cat that dissapeared over the brow of the low hill there.The little dog came back to him earlier than usual looking quite shaken.Although fairly quiet on the sightings front in the past 12 months the vast public forest of St.Leonards saw many sightings previous to this of both black and brown big cats and on more than one occasion fairly near to each other in the space of a few days....

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