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Ashdown Forest big cat seen,,,

Posted on March 5, 2013 at 6:40 PM

The Ashdown Forest big cat was seen recently in the Chelwood Gate area by 2 witnesses driving home early in the evening.They were doing sub 40mph,necessary to safely avoid a collision with one of the large number of fallow deer that cross the roads and saw a very large black animal that "had all the appearances of being feline" lope across the road in front of them.Once on the grassy verge it paused for a second before being lost to sight in the gathering darkness.Although not having seen a big cat in the area before despite being local the witnesses thought the animal was a big cat as described by other people they knew who had seen it elsewhere on the Forest.This is the first sighting from this area of Sussex this year that has been reported to this website,last year there was barely a month when there wasn`t a report in and all statements described a similar sized big cat of around 22" tall not much bigger than a labrador but far longer and sleeker with a tail often stretched outwards when in motion.Paw prints found a couple of years ago or so and published on the evidence page of this website were thought to of come from this big cat and it is hoped that fresh prints will turn up that could be compared as there are no 2 prints the same.A freshly dead fox was also found elsewhere on the Forest this month which bore some of the signs of being predated on whether by a dog or big cat....

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