big cat research in Sussex


Petworth sighting may throw new light...

Posted on October 7, 2012 at 4:00 PM

A big cat was in the Petworth area yesterday at 12.45pm,the weather was sunny with excellent visibility.It was described by the 2 witnesses as being of the size of a German Shepherd dog as best size approximation,was of a jet black colour and had a very long tail.It ran or loped across the field but did not give the impression of having been flushed or moved on from somewhere.It is unclear at this stage whether it was the Midhurst big cat or the Milland big cat as the area is in "disputed territory" in other words we know there are 2 different cats but don,t know where each of their areas end so to speak however at this stage it would appear to me to be the former.Relevant data has to be fully examined and certain results will of course be published but this sighting could well throw new light on how big cats relate to topographical features in their enviroment as regards to their movements and general behaviour.....

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