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Mystery wild cat seen at Rottingdean

Posted on September 5, 2012 at 5:10 PM

A large dark-mottled grey wild cat crossed in front of a car seen by 2 witnesses on the morning of the 24th august just outside Rottingdean on the East Sussex coast making for the downs.It was much larger and longer than a domestic cat and had sticking up ears and was either without or had a very short tail.After extensive local enquiries it,s been deduced to be not a locally owned very large domestic but to be possibly one of the large wild cats seen very occasionally on the South Downs or even could be a or even the Lynx that was seen recently in the Ditchling area 8 miles to the north-west.The sighting was brief of around 4 seconds but in good daylight,there have been reports of similar looking wild cats over the years in this part of the county but in the last couple or so years the sightings have concentrated more in the north-east parts of Sussex.In the autumn of 2003 I saw an 18 to 19" tall wild cat of a light greyish or dirty cream colour with large pricked ears and medium length tail having a boxy appearance to it,s body near the Steyning Bostal.other accounts around the same time locally and further away suggested the mystery cat(if it was the same one) was moving across a large area.What is more or less certain is that the South Downs offers a transit route for all  of our types of wild cats be they feral domestic,Lynx,large or not quite so large wild cat and even the leopard-like black cats that comprise the bulk of the reports.....

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