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Ashdown Forest big cat sighted close by

Posted on July 9, 2012 at 4:05 PM

The sightings are hotting up again for the Ashdown Forest big cat.Following on from last weeks sighting is another being reported 2.5 miles away and 51 hours 40mins apart,at 00.10 early saturday morning.Similar sort of thing,the big cat was seen crossing the road well in front of the car that the witnesses were driving and carried on it`s way.As always the same description of creature.No reflection from the eyes was reported which could indicate that the cat was not actually looking at the vehicle at the time but was intent on crossing the road.Assuming that we are dealing with the same big cat then this is typical for it to be seen in the same area, over a number of days previous studies on very individual looking big cats have indicated that a cat will spend a certain amount of time in a clump of parishes,anything from 2 days to a week or so before moving on and cropping up somewhere totally different say 10 miles or more away.This would mean that a big cat would seemingly cover it,s ground systematically during the night possibly useing the same or similar cover as a base to lie up in the daytime .At least this is the case in areas that don,t have the cover afforded to it like Ashdown Forest has,here the ground cover is so dense and impenetrable in places that there are all manner of options for it to find a safe from being disturbed place to be in daylight hours.It would appear that a cat would typically hunt not in a straight line as we would see it but would criss cross an area coming back almost on itself in a loop but not always on the same path.We will never know for sure without such scientific devices as radio collars but who needs them when such detailed and clear observations are coming in from witnesses.....

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