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Rain to blame for lack in big cat sightings

Posted on July 3, 2012 at 5:40 AM

The record amounts of rain that fell during april,may and june has resulted in a luxuriant growth of cover with fieldside grasses,bracken etc. making it extremely diffficult for the big cats to be seen and hence reported.There is usually a drop in sightings in high summer compared to the usual spring flush however this year has seen (pun intended!) a real crash in reports.This has been repeated up and down the country with all researchers all over noticeing an extreme quiet period regarding the logging of big cat movements,insights into not often seen big cat behaviour and all the other extra info that is produced when the general public report in their sightings.The cats are still there,they are just hidden from view for the most part and it has been noticed that the few sightings that have come in have been in very open areas like woods with thick canopys(barer floors) or road crossings in front of cars.The thick cover is here to stay and although when the first of the crops get cut like the oil seed rape and winter corn big cat sightings should pick up a bit , it,s likely to be a leaner year on the witness report front until the winter die off with the frosts.Hunting should in theory be better for the cats enabling them to get closer to their intended prey without being seen and this factor could also be contributing to the lack of (daylight) sightings......

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