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Patcham couple tell of seeing big cat

Posted on June 14, 2012 at 6:40 PM

2 newspaper readers told how they thought they saw a labrador sized big cat crossing Patcham High schools playing fields last monday(Argus story-couple spot `the Panther of Patcham`).Although on the edge of town bordering the A27 bypass with the downs beyond, at first glance this may seem a strange place for a big cat to be wandering through and yet this suburban area has produced it,s fair slice of big cat sightings in the past along with it,s near neighbours Falmer.Hollingbury,Bevendean,Preston Park,West Dene even to the south at the Ditchling road area,all these in only the last 18 months or so but these are all suburban areas with a low housing density and large gardens all interlinked with the railway running through as well as the large public parks some so thick with undergrowth a herd of elephants could travel through unnoticed let alone a slinking big cat.....

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