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Big cat inside house at Seaford

Posted on February 8, 2012 at 5:20 AM

A big cat entered through the front door of a house in the outskirts Seaford,East Sussex last sunday night.Black,around the size of a labrador with piercing green eyes it ran indoors along the corridor and was then confronted by the householder,both froze then the large cat ran back the way it came straight outside.Some cat-like paw prints around 5cm wide were seen in the snow.Other neighbours had seen a similar big cat previously....When i saw this story on Meridian Tonight i thought it was a bit far fetched however the paw prints do look the same size and similar to the Telscombe big cat plaster cast that i have(pics on evidence page no.s 37) and they don,t have the appearance of being faked.Although snow prints are notorious for being hard to identify the Seaford ones could well be of the same cat.In addition to this the Telscombe big cat unlike any other in Sussex has had a habit of frequenting peoples gardens in the past couple of years such as at Telscombe Tye,Kingston,Ovingdean,Falmer,Brighton the list goes on.All witnesses describe this very curious big cat as being of around the size of a small labrador,black,extra long tail curled up at the end.In all cases it has ran away from all dogs and people  it came across and even,despite being 4 times the size,backed off from a tame cat that stood it,s ground....

UPDATE: i have posted the background as to why i think this big cat could of had cause to enter a dwelling on the blog ,see link on the home page...

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Reply Fred
11:29 AM on February 12, 2012 
Hi, I'm a bit sceptical to be honest, there aren't any pictures, even of paw prints. I mean, I could say I was abducted by a blue giraffe from the planet Zog but without any evidence it's a bit tough to believe to be honest, much as I'd like to believe it.