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Updates on big cat sightings in Sussex

Posted on February 14, 2019 at 4:40 PM

There was quite a lot going on at the back end of last year concerning the very large big cat seen over the last couple of years in the Lewes to Uckfield and Ashdown forest area. April to may time there were several sightings in the Uckfield area of an Alsation or Great Dane sized black cat. Due to media problems I hadn't publised the reports at all and so all the witnesses hadn't known about the others. This was important as it ensured a more accurate estimation in size of the big cat. In fact, a Great Dane owner had ahd a very close encounter with it and said it was the size of his Great Dane bitch. This would be astonishing to some to realise that a big cat of this size was around and yet there has pretty much always been sightings in Sussex somewhere of a big cat and usually only one at a time. Sightings during the summer that followed of this cat were sporadic at best although similar reports did surface from the Ashdown forest and the Lewes downs.

Fast forward to early november the scene is the downs around Lewes and the morning after a very wet and windy night I found the head of a fallow deer with only the skin attached on the edge of a wood next to a field holding turnips for sheep, a favourite deer food. I filmed 4 videos and posted them onto Youtube and quite honestly, it would appear very likely that this deer was ambushed and killed by a big cat, probably the huge one seen locally. View all 4 and see what you think.

Part 1 is:

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Reply Soohie
5:48 PM on March 30, 2019 
I have always been quite sceptical, but on early hours of Tuesday morning this week I was driving from Lewes to uckfield in the dark and a very big cat ran across the road. It was on a very rural part of the a26 between Isfield and Little Horsted. I posted it on a local Facebook page and amazingly someone else close by, in Little Horsted the night before, at the same kind of time