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Sightings update late winter/spring 2018

Posted on May 30, 2018 at 5:30 PM

There was a brief flurry of sightings at the beginning of the year in the far west of the county north of the downs above Chichester also in the far east around Tunbridge Wells as well as north of Hastings. The latter area produced a sighting of a black big cat as recently as the begining of april. The extremely wet and cold weather before this may of contributed to a lack of reports county wide however this may be due to less people being out and about to actually see any cat activity in the first place.

Some brown  fur was taken from a Surrey borders possiblle puma sighting has proved inconclusive due in part to the small size of the sample.A further sample has been taken of some greyish/black soft flyaway fur at a sighting in East Sussex.

Now we are in the full swing of spring a handful of cat sightings have come in from the Uckfield area of a sleek, greyhoundy black cat with muscular back legs seemingly longer than the front ones. It has been described as having a long tail, short fur that is hiny and a smallish head. Said to be around 23 to 24 inches tall it appears to differ from the leopardy type descriptions. A small cluster of sightings in this area over the past couple of months has been interesting to follow although it may go quiet soon as cats do tend to move around a bit 

The Ashdown forest can produce big cat sightings all year round however it has been strangely quiet so far. The bracken has just shot up quite quickly and is masking those animals that creep around in it very efficiently.

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