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Big cat seen with cubs

Posted on August 9, 2017 at 2:40 PM

A possible sighting has come in from the Chichester area of  a big cat with 2 cubs playing and running about. Described by the 2 witnesses as being light brown with long cat-like tails they defintely were not foxes. Investigations are continuing however this year has been notable by the leap in the number of sightings coming in and also the dominant colour seen has swapped from black to brown. The 2 cubs sighting, if true would be evidence of breeding success and the rapid increase in sightings from a low in 2013/2014 of barely any could indicate a better state of affairs for big cats in the county. The Ashdown forest is continuing to show sporadic activity reported but of only a brown puma like cat now.  Arun area has gone quiet but the summer cover is so thick a herd of elephants  could easliy hide. Far East Sussex also quiet now, the very large black cat usually seen here especially around the Batlle area maybe in the dense forestry blocks found further north and east after the young fallow and roe born in high summer. These young deer could well be what draws big cats to the ultra high deer population on the Ashdown forest every summer. Although sightings can occur here throughout the year as most parts are well drained heathy places every summer has produced large clusters of sightings sometimes, as in this year, of both brown and black big cats.

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