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Big cat paw print found

Posted on June 4, 2013 at 5:20 PM

A very big leopard-like big cat paw print was found recently in East Sussex that looks just the job,I have only seen a photo of a plaster cast to date but it is hoped to be able to see it first hand when time permits and visit the area found.Last year in march and also in the autumn there were unconfirmed(3rd hand i.e.someone knows someone who saw one) reports of a very large big cat beeing in the very vicinity as well as confirmed reports coming in from nearby.Big cat sightings of a leopard size are seen in Hastings and Bexhill (in the country north of these towns)regularly.First examination of the paw print bears a resemblance in size to the Robertsbridge big cat (just over 11cm)but as I don,t have a complete paw print to compare I have to go on size alone which is 12.2cm or 5" wide(if running or exerting pressure a big cats paw print will increase slightly in size)truly massive seeing as the Ashdown forest big cat weighs in at 10cm wide (see evidence page)and the Offham big cat(Lewes) a tiny 8cm,The old Horsham big cat which dipped into Surrey a lot was also huge but still shy of 11cm but as the Steyning big cat showed paw size is not strictly relative to body mass though all reports of the Robertsbridge big cat do tell of a really huge cat standing at least 25" at the shoulder.I have been sure that the Robertsbridge big cat ventured in the Hastings area but just how east it goes is unsure.This was found north of Hastings by a chap who also came across others in the clay patch and prints were found up a bank also.The photo of the plaster cast of the print has been Tweeted and will appear on this website as soon as I am able...

In other news an unconfirmed(not able to contact the witness) report last month came in from the Ditchling area of a large black leopard sized cat being seen and another witness contacted to report an alsation sized black cat crossing the road in the East Grinstead area,could this be the Ashdown forest big cat in the northern most reaches of it,s territory?

The only news coming in this year from West Sussex is from the Horsham big cat with a sighting on the 30th april at St.Leonards forest.No news of either the Midhurst big cat or the Milland big cat but then this doesn,t mean they aren`t around it just means the reports aren`t coming in whether they are just not being seen by witnesses or people are not doing the reporting!Time will tell...

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